Lorrie Matheson - In Vein

By: Allison Janzen

Lorrie Matheson - In Vein

Lorrie Matheson
In Vein

(Saved By Radio)

SOUNDS LIKE: Wilco and Jakob Dylan singing campfire songs during a power outage.

WHY/WHY NOT: Lorrie Matheson, the Calgary based singer/songwriter, has returned after a four-year hiatus with In Vein.  Matheson has written heartfelt pop-rock songs fused together by an honest and true sound. Teaming up with the ever-talented composer Jay Crocker, gives this album a more sonic shine than his previous work, while also being assisted by Crocker's arrangements and mannerisms. And although this record is more laid back than what we're used to hearing from Matheson, the sincere and refined melodies are not to be denied.

Notable tracks on In Vein are "Another Seven Minutes (Shot To Hell)", "Don't Let This Living Kill You" and "You Can Curse The Dark", which sounds like a modern day Wallflowers tune.  Even though the songs range from chaotic pop-rock to dreamy jazz, the record is seamless and is easy on the ears.

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