Welcome To Beatles Week

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Welcome To Beatles Week

Updated: October 11, 2009

It seems to come in waves. Every few years there's a new Beatles product launched – an anthology, a video game, a remixed soundtrack to a French-Canadian circus performance – and suddenly The Beatles are everywhere again. Like now, for instance. Almost 50 years after "Love Me Do" first landed them on the charts, The Beatles' remastered albums have broken a whole new set of Billboard records – at the very same time that their new Rock Band game is selling quickly enough that they expect to run out of copies. And that's not all. Disney just announced that they're re-making Yellow Submarine, a theatrical adaptation of Backbeat is set to debut in Scotland, and Paul McCartney's releasing a new record. And so is Yoko Ono. Meanwhile, newspapers and magazines the world over are looking to cash in, running features on everything from old, obscure Beatles shows, to Japanese tribute bands, to how George Harrison's widow is putting up a fence.

Well, lord knows we're never ones to pass up an opportunity to talk about our favourite band. Or to try and score some page views. And so, we're declaring this to be Beatles Week on SoundProof. For the next six days, we'll be posting all the Beatles-related features, videos, reviews and other miscellanea that we can. And we'll be having a helluva lot of fun doing it.

Below, we'll be providing links to all of the articles that we've posted so far, and updating them as the week progresses.




Fifth Beatle Who Was The Fifth Beatle?
George Martin? Brian Epstein? Yoko Ono? We take a look at the people who helped make The Beatles what they were.
Reasons The Beatles Weren't The Best Ten Reasons The Beatles Weren't The Greatest Band of All-Time
A cathartic moment for those who hate The Beatles and can't understand why weven't been on about them all week. Die-hard Beatles fans may want to avert their eyes.
Beatles YouTube Blasphemies The Top Ten Beatles Blasphemies on YouTube
From Dean Martin to The Bee Gees to a toddler and a large Russian man in a sailor suit, The Fab Four have attracted plenty of blasphemous attention on YouTube.
Blaspheming The Beatles Blaspheming The Beatles
With Baby Boomers growing older, what will happen to The Beatles' legacy in the 21st century?
The Long and Winding Road The Long and Winding Road
From The Quarrymen to The Beatles; how the greatest band of all-time learned to be the greatest band of all-time.

Album Reviews:

Let It Be Let It Be
SOUNDS LIKE: An unfitting end.
Abbey Road Abbey Road
SOUNDS LIKE: The Beatles' final, glorious, majestic musical statement.
White Album The Beatles
SOUNDS LIKE: The greatest album of all-time. If you think so.
Sgt. Pepper Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
SOUNDS LIKE: A new world.
Revolver Revolver
SOUNDS LIKE: Arguably the best collection of songs The Beatles ever committed to tape.
Rubber Soul Rubber Soul
SOUNDS LIKE: One of the greatest albums of all times, now with clearer-sounding cowbell!
Help! Help!
SOUNDS LIKE: A Lennon/McCartney/Dylan love child.
Beatles For Sale Beatles For Sale
SOUNDS LIKE: Tired, frustrated Beatles fulfilling a contractual obligation. And yet still:
A Hard Day's Night A Hard Day's Night
SOUNDS LIKE: 13 tracks with no filler and, for the first time, no covers either.
With The Beatles With The Beatles
SOUNDS LIKE: An improvement over the debut, and a sign of things to come.
Please Please Me Please Please Me
SOUNDS LIKE: A fine debut album with stunning vocal work.

Video Game Review:

Beatles Rock Band The Beatles: Rock Band
Two days in Beatles Week we just couldn't resist picking up a copy. And as we've quickly discovered, you should believe the hype.


Rooftop Concert The Beatles Rooftop Concert
The Beatles' final public appearance together, on the roof of Abbey Road Studios, which was obviously too loud and a public nuissance and should never have happened.
I Am The Walrus "I Am The Walrus" by The Beatles
Goo goo ga joob.
Paul and LSD Paul Talks LSD and The Media
One of our favourite interviews with Mr. McCartney, thanks to the pretty sharp critique of the media's attitude toward the question of The Beatles and drugs.
Rain "Rain" by The Beatles
The lads play one of the greatest b-sides in the history of the world and help to invent the music video all at the same time.
John Disses Jesus John Claims The Beatles Are Bigger Than Jesus
An American news report covers the aftermath of John's famously controversial statement that in 1966 his band was bigger than Jesus Chris. Which, of course, was true.
Taxman The Beatles At Shea Stadium
After one of the most iconic entrances ever, they open their 1965 screamfest with "Twist and Shout" and "I Feel Fine".
Taxman "Taxman" On The Beatles TV Show
The lads travel back to medieval England, visit Robin Hood, and complain about contemporary British tax policy in a segment from the terrible animated series.
On The Ed Sullivan Show The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show
The entirety of their historic first television appearance on American soil. Plus, Ringo hits the dance floor.
Harper Butchers Beatles Canadian Prime Minister Butchers The Beatles With Yo-Yo Ma
Stephen Harper seems intent on softening his image, and on Saturday night The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" suffered the collatoral damage.
Beatles First US Appearance The Beatles' First American Television Appearance
Three months before playing The Ed Sullivan show, the lads were interviewed as part of a profile on CBS News.

The Best of The Gator:

Bangs on Lennon Thinking The Unthinkable About John Lennon by Lester Bangs
The greatest rock critic of all-time's fitting, if depressing, obituary to the greatest songwriter of all-time.
Rolling Stone 1968 Beatles Record-Busting LP May Be All-Time Biggest
In this article from December, 1968, Rolling Stone reports on the Beatles, well, um, mania that was then erupting in the wake of the release of the White Album.
They ARE Bigger Than Jesus Proof The Beatles Are Bigger Than Jesus!
The Guardian shows that more than four decades later, The Beatles are still capable of beating out the big man.
George Was Perfect A Virtuoso Would Have Killed The Beatles
Legendary rock critic Greil Marcus aruges that if George had been any better, The Beatles would have sucked.
Beatles Photo Gallery The Official Beatles Photo Gallery
More moptop haircuts, three-button suits and awkward late-'60s beards than you can shake a stick at.

Video: "We Love The Beatles" by The Vernons Girls

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