Two Great Christmas Podcast Specials!

By: SoundProof Magazine

Two Great Christmas Podcast Specials!
Vish Khanna as "Ebenezer Vish"



For the uninitiated, podcasting is like radio for people who have things to do and places to be....and an MP3 player helps. Today we present two of our favourite Christmas-themed podcasts of 2010 so far for your downloading and listening pleasure.






This American Life - Ep 422: "Comedians of Christmas Comedy Special"
Long-running WBEZ Chicago radio show This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, rarely shies away from holiday-themed episodes (as proven by their annual Thanksgiving "Poultry Slam"). This last weekend they aired the "Comedians of Christmas Comedy Special", featuring The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac, TAF regular Mike Birbiglia, and some of the cutest little kids ever, all trying to create some original Christmas-themed jokes.



Vish Khanna's Breakfast Club - "A CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol!"
Breakfast Club's host Vish Khanna got together with some colleagues and produced an update of the classic Dickens tale with himself as "Ebenezer Vish". Khanna is clearly unafraid to poke fun at himself, and with a little help from his sizeable cast of friends from the Canadian indie-rock world and the CBC, the "CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol!" is an often hilarious and always charming bit of holiday radio goodness. Narrated by Buck 65.

We have Episode 1 available for download. For the rest of the episodes and a guide to when you can hear them on an actual radio please visit CBC Radio 3.



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